Our research on The Explorers Club mystery meat was recently featured on the PBS series SciTechNow with Hari Sreenivasan in February 2018. Check out the short video here!


Co-author Matt Davis and I were recently featured on The Feast podcast, highlighting famous meals in history. This is the most thorough version of the “mammoth/sloth mystery” yet! Check it out here.

In 2016, filmmaker Gaelin Rosenwaks of Global Ocean Exploration traveled with me on my first expedition to the Seychelles. She produced a short video that highlights the ups and downs of starting fieldwork in a new location, the challenges of fishing for Giant Trevallies, and the beauty of the Seychelles Islands! You can watch the film here!FishingForSciencePoster540

Press for The Explorers Club Mammoth. Click on the links below to access some of the popular press articles. Or read the real thing, open-access here!

NYTimes_Science_ScreenShotNew York Times

Atlantic The Atlantic


Yale News

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Podcast: Science… sort of

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Short Film by Vice: “Dining on Woolly Mammoth”

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation