Teaching Assistantships at Yale University
Principles of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BIO 104), Spring 2018
Ichthyology, Fall 2016
Laboratory for Ichthyology, Fall 2016
Genes and Development (BIO 103), Spring 2015
Principles of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BIO 104), Spring 2015

Guest University Classroom Lectures
– “Fisheries Phylogenetics.” University of Alaska Southeast. BIOL 362: Genetics.
Instructor: Patrick Barry. Juneau, Alaska. November 2013.
– “Fishery Genetics.” University of Alaska Fairbanks. FISH 427: Ichthyology.
Instructor: Dr. Megan McPhee. Juneau, Alaska. November 2012.
– “Species Abundance, Diversity and Foodwebs.” University of Alaska Southeast. BIOL 271: Ecology.
Instructor: Dr. David Tallmon. Juneau, Alaska. April 2012.

Teaching Reviews from BIO 103 and BIO 104:
“Jessica was a great section leader and very accessible to ask questions about what we discussed in
section or the lectures. She is very knowledgeable and a natural teacher.”

“Jessica was a great TA. She always came to class prepared for discussion and with a fish of the week
to break the tension. Her passion for her own field of fish phylogeny was unparalleled, and she
certainly seemed willing and able to direct undergrads toward the correct resources in and around the
EEB department, having gone through it all herself once. Her experiences were a useful addition to
section, and I definitely think that she made the course an overall better experience for all involved in
her section.”

“Jessica was great! She was a fantastic section leader, and probably led one of the most fun and
engaging sections for bio I’ve had so far.”

“The section was excellent. Jessica works in Professor Near’s ichthyology lab, and she always began
with a “Fish of the Week”, which was a fun way to start off the period. She also explained all of the
section readings very well, and was quite helpful with my final paper. I don’t think there’s anything at
all that I would change about the section.”

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