Grants and Fellowships


National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
2017 ($21,776)

Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Doctoral Pilot Award
2016 ($4,000)

Yale Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Chair’s Fund
2017 ($1,000)
2016 ($750)


National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Fellowship Program
2011-2016 ($30,000/yr for 3 years)

U.S. Agency For International Development (USAID) Research and Innovation Fellow, in partnership with the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide program.
2014-2016 ($24,000)

North Pacific Research Board
2013-2015 ($53,000)
“Analysis of benthic communities on Alaskan weathervane scallop beds”
Co-authored with Dr. Gordon Kruse (PI)

The Explorers Club, Exploration Fund Grant
2015 ($900)

Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management. Awarded through the Alaska Coastal Marine Institute.
2013-2014 ($12,000)
“Analysis of benthic communities on weathervane scallop beds in Shelikof Strait”
Co-authored with Dr. Gordon Kruse (PI).

H. Richard Carlson Memorial Scholarship
2013-2014 ($7,000)

Northern Gulf of Alaska Applied Research Award
2012-2013 ($5,000)

National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
2009 ($5,000)


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